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Hello – and welcome to my website. I hope you'll find something of interest here – whether you're a seasoned adventurer, an aspiring explorer or simply someone who shares my passion for finding out more about the least understood corners of this planet.

To introduce myself: sometimes I'm described as an "explorer" other times an "adventurer" or "writer," or just as a "cat who's used up six of his nine lives." As I see it, though, I'm just the son of a test pilot who shares his father's desire to get out there on a clear mission, then report back. But I believe that we all, in our own way, share this explorer instinct to investigate the unknown. It's part of what makes us human.

So I also hope that this site in some way encourages you if you are facing challenges nearer at hand, whether at work, school or home. Nowadays we tend to think that our planet is fully explored, but of course we understand very little about the world even at our doorstep.

"Benedict is part of the history of television."

Mark Thompson, Former Director General, BBC

Images by two of the greatest portrait photographers © New York Times, Bruce Weber (the outdoor photos) and Vogue, Steven Meisel (the formal black and white studio portraits)

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