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Immersion in
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Author, environmentalist, film-maker, international motivational speaker.

Benedict Allen became established as one of the world's leading modern-day explorers through expeditions famously achieved not with a phone, GPS or "backup," but by preparation alone with remote indigenous communities. Dispensing with a film crew, he went on to pioneer the authentic recording of adventurous journeys for TV.

Upcoming events

Sunday 19th January, 10:15am:

Lost and Found in the Amazon

A talk as part of the inspiring Adventure Travel Show in Olympia – always a great venue to start planning your own venture.

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Thursday 30th January, 1:45pm:

Lost and Found – adventures off the beaten track in PNG

As part of the Destinations Holiday and Travel Show – perhaps the biggest such gathering of those who travel or wish to. Benedict Allen reveals more of the highs and lows of his extraordinary expeditions, deep inside Papua New Guinea.

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"For me personally, exploration isn't about conquering nature, planting flags or leaving your mark. It's about the opposite: opening yourself up and allowing the place to leave its mark on you..."