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Author, environmentalist, film-maker, international motivational speaker.

Benedict Allen became established as one of the world's leading modern-day explorers through expeditions famously achieved not with a phone, GPS or "backup," but by preparation alone with remote indigenous communities. Dispensing with a film crew, he went on to pioneer the authentic recording of adventurous journeys for TV.

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Thursday 14 Nov, 7:30pm @ The Poly, Falmouth:

"LOST" in Papua New Guinea with Benedict Allen + Taking Media to War with Duncan Falconer

Two of the UK's most experienced and well-known modern-day adventurers each share their own personal stories of daring journeys to find remote indigenous communities and the unique challenges of getting news teams in and out of dangerous places alive!

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"For me personally, exploration isn't about conquering nature, planting flags or leaving your mark. It's about the opposite: opening yourself up and allowing the place to leave its mark on you..."