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Mad White Giant

A journey to the heart of the Amazon jungle. (1985)

Into the Crocodile's Nest

A journey inside New Guinea. (1987)

Hunting the Gugu

In search of the Lost Ape-men of Sumatra. (1989)

The Proving Grounds

A journey through the interior of New Guinea and Australia. (1991)

Through Jaguar Eyes (book cover)

Through Jaguar Eyes

Crossing the Amazon Basin. (1994)

More Great Railway Journeys

An accompaniment to the BBC TV series. (1996)

The Skeleton Coast (book cover)

The Skeleton Coast

A journey through the Namib Desert. (1997)

Edge of Blue Heaven

A journey through Mongolia. (1998)

The Last of the Medicine Men (book cover)

The Last of the Medicine Men

The dramatic and mysterious world of shamans and witchdoctors. (2000)

The Faber Book of Exploration (book cover)

The Faber Book of Exploration

An anthology of exploration. (2002)

Into the Abyss (book cover)

Into the Abyss

Explorers on the Edge of Survival (2006)