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Benedict Allen is only one of two living adventurers included in the Telegraph's gallery of Great British Explorers (the other being Sir Ranulph Fiennes). Some things Benedict is known for:

  • A 600 mile crossing of the remote NE Amazon aged 22-23 – during which, dying of starvation and malaria, he was sadly forced to eat his dog to survive.
  • The first recorded crossing of the Central Mountain Range of PNG, then continuing by canoe to Australia – during which he and his Papuan companions were shipwrecked and resorted to eating limpets.
  • Being the only outsider privileged to have gone through a ceremony to make him into a "man as strong as crocodile" – this involved being permanently scarred and then beaten each day for six weeks.
  • The first known crossing of the Amazon Basin at its widest – a 3,600 mile journey of seven and half months, during which he was pursued and shot at by hit men from Pablo Escobar's drug cartel.
  • Making "contact" with two threatened communities – the Yaifo and Obini, before gold miners and missionaries moved in.
  • A first documented journey the length of the 1000 mile Namib Desert ("Skeleton Coast") of Namibia, with his three camels.
  • A 1000 mile lone crossing of the Gobi Desert, the longest known traverse alone on foot and requiring him and camel team to cover thirty miles a day for five weeks.
  • A thousand kilometre trek with a dog–team through the Russian Far East in the "worst winter in living memory" as preparation for an attempt to cross the Bering Strait alone.
  • Sewing his chest wound up with his boot-mending kit, and without anaesthetic – after having been abandoned by guides in the Sumatran forests.
  • Lasting more than 3 minutes in a tent of CS ("Tear") gas – three times longer than any of the "Unbreakables" – while presenting the Channel Five TV series.

"As one of today's most well known and inspirational explorers, Benedict has undertaken some of the greatest explorations on earth"

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