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An Evening of Adventure

Photo montage of Benedict Allen, Kate Humble and Richard Dunwoody An Evening of Adventure at the RGS on 28th Feb, along with Kate Humble and Richard Dunwoody. In aid of good causes, c/o Wild Frontiers.



This Autumn I'll be circulating through the U.K., speaking to audiences and hopefully entertaining and trying my hardest to even inspire them occasionally!

PLEASE DO COME ALONG! For a list of venue dates and to get tickets, please visit the Tour 2018 page.

What they say:

"According to the Daily Telegraph one of only two great British explorers alive today, legendary survivor Benedict Allen brings his extraordinary career to life with a series of clips and never before seen material from deserts, jungles and icefields around the globe.

Having gripped the nation – and attracted worldwide headlines – following his disappearance in Papua New Guinea last year, Benedict "spills the beans", telling the whole unvarnished truth of his last adventure, from which he was dramatically rescued by helicopter from a warzone, suffering both malaria and dengue fever. With his trade-mark good humour he also reveals the highs and lows of his action-packed life since childhood. He talks of his earliest influences – his father flying a Vulcan bomber as a test pilot – and asks what the role of the explorer is in the 21st Century.

Often cited as the last of the classic explorers, Benedict believes passionately that actually we are all explorers – and that the Golden Age of exploration lies not behind us but ahead. He encourages young and old to look for adventure near and far from home. And he talks passionately about the nature of risk – real and imagined – in all of our lives, encouraging us all to take up impossible-seeming challenges in our everyday lives."

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