Rules of Conduct

The Forum is designed to be a civil place, where those interested in "exploration" in all its guises may meet in a friendly atmosphere to exchange views.

Please could all members note the following:

  1. This is not an appropriate place to contact Benedict. He tries to keep in touch with the Forum, but please do not expect him to read all messages, or respond to them. This is a place for people with similar interests to express their thoughts, and not a forum for Benedict per se. IF you which to contact him, please do so at his office by email, see elsewhere.
  2. Members are expected to behave in a cordial manner, even if in strong disagreement with another member.
  3. A moderator is in place to oversee the Forum. If any members are deemed to be behaving inappropriately then they will be blocked from entering the Forum. This might include insulting other members, making libellous statements, or simply becoming a general and long-term nuisance.
  4. If a member becomes offensive, in the eyes of other forum members, please refrain from "answering back" but instead ignore any offensive comment – and the individual. If ignored long enough, and by enough Forum members – who you are, of course, free to communicate with via the private message (PM) system – then hopefully the perpetrator will feel increasingly isolated.

I Agree; enter forum