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Edge of Blue Heaven - Benedict Allen (book cover)

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Edge of Blue Heaven – a journey through Mongolia (1998)

A five and half month trek by horse and camel from the forests of Siberia, across the open plains of the Mongolian steppe and on to a 1000 mile lone crossing of the Gobi Desert. As usual, it is by tuning into local skills, in this case those of the nomadic Mongols, that the journey proves possible.

Recommended for: anyone interested in horses, and the wide expanses of Mongolia's steppe and Gobi. A suitable gift? It's a glossy hardback.

Most exciting moment: Various ups and downs with the resilient Mongol horses; and when Benedict is deserted by a key camel, Jigjig. And when he reaches safety at the far end of the Gobi Desert after six weeks alone.

Benedict's comment: Something of a pair to The Skeleton Coast, this book also accompanied a BBC TV series but very much stands without it. It was again brilliantly illustrated by photographer Adrian Arbib. Mongolia proved to be an inspiring land, a land of nomads, horses, camels and those blue skies.

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