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The only person known to have crossed the Amazon Basin at its widest, arguably no one alive has lived so long isolated and alone in so many potentially hostile remote environments. His ventures include the first documented journey of the length of the Namib Desert, and likewise he is the only person known to have crossed the full width of the Gobi with camels alone.

Famous for his technique of immersing himself among indigenous peoples, today Benedict is also widely known for establishing the adventure genre in television. By using a handheld video camera rather than a film-crew he re-defined the landscape of TV, allowing millions of people around the world to witness for the first time adventures unfolding genuinely in inhospitable conditions. Likewise, he was the first to bring us an authentic experience of remote cultures and terrain - nothing directed, staged, scripted or subject to "health and safety" restraints.

His journeys are depicted in his ten books - including two best sellers – six BBC television series, as well as other groundbreaking series for National Geographic TV, The History Channel and Channel Five.

In 2010 Benedict became a Trustee and Member of Council of the Royal Geographical Society.

"Allen is the best guide to the world's wilder and weirder cultures."

Radio Times, August 2005

"In an age of false television and celebrity culture, it's a relief to encounter the real thing."

Time Out Magazine

Interview with Global Adventure Magazine

Interview with Global Adventure Magazine

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Benedict Allen's TV programmes.

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